Implant Restorations Image - Maria Cielo Adjemian, DDS, PhD

Dental implants are attractive tooth replacement options in terms of both function and cosmetics. Placing dental implants is essentially a three-stage process: 1) surgically placing the implant posts in the jawbone; 2) letting the bone and implant post heal and bond together; and 3) placing an artificial tooth on top of the implant post, otherwise known as “restoring the implants.”

Implant posts can support several types of artificial teeth restorations, including crowns, bridges, and partial dentures. The type of restoration used in a particular case is up to the discretion of Dr. Maria Cielo Adjemian. She is carefully attuned to her dental implants patients’ needs and, with many years of experience, has restored the look and feel of the teeth with dental implants.

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