Dr. Maria Cielo Adjemian obtained her DDS degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC) in 2009. Dr. Adjemian attended dental school at Intercontinental University in Mexico City from 1991 to 1995. In 1997 she attended the University of Southern California (USC) school of Dentistry department of Craniofacial Molecular Biology. She pursued a master degree based on the study of tooth development, learning advanced molecular biology techniques and research.

In 2001 Dr. Adjemian transferred to the UMKC school of Dentistry department of Oral Biology to continue with her research career. Under a NIH grant Dr. Adjemian completed a PhD in Oral Biology and Cell Biophysics in 2006. At this point Dr. Adjemian started translating research into the clinic. She became a faculty member at Special Patient Care Clinic at UMKC school of Dentistry. She dedicated 3 years to the treatment of Cancer patients combining clinical treatment with state of the art research.

In 2009 Dr. Adjemian decided to dedicate full time to patient care at her private practice in Gladstone MO. Currently Dr. Adjemian collaborates with research projects using her expertise to help treat common problems such as Sleep Apnea and Bruxism.

Dr Adjemian dedicates her time outside the practice to her 3 children Taleen, Karla and Alex. Dr Adjemian has also participated in triathlons such as TRI for KC, and she understands how important it is to maintain a balanced healthy life and to continue with her passion of practicing dentistry for many years to come.

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